the reason for the season

Let me first say that you’re so charming. That’s the opening line from a Kina Grannis song. I’m not posting about Kina, this time, but it’s the first thing that popped into my head when I thought about what I would like to post about this Iron Bowl Saturday (absolutely NOT football, so the rest of the state will have to celebrate the Auburn vs. Alabama game without me).

That’s right. The turkey is gone and the pumpkins and thistles are all put away, so it’s officially permissible for a girl like me to post about Christmas. Not unlike most people I know, obviously, I love December. I’m all about any good excuse to make crafts and give gifts, and wrap up in a quilt and listen to records. I am a fan of Christmas for the same reason I’m a fan of most holidays–it seems to be a valid enough excuse for even the grumpiest of grinches to dig down deep and find at least something to smile about. Here’s one of mine.

Every. Single. Year. Every. Single. Time. Every single time one of these commercials for Shriners Hospitals for Children comes on, I freeze-frame and goo and gah over how sweet and adorable the stars of the commercial are.

Whenever little Alec says “We love you!” I’m always hugging myself and smiling all-blissful, talking out loud to the television, “I love you!” Kind of psychotic on my part, but…he’s so adorable!! 🙂

I’ve been meaning for years to look Alec up and find out more about him, and finally this morning, I did. Here’s a really great video of him telling a bit about himself called Smart Alec Five Questions.

The reason I chose to do this post, this morning, is I have recently decided to make a personal effort to simply drown myself in positive, love-inspired atmosphere–not just because Christmas is coming, but because this is the way I live my life, most times, if at all possible. Blogging sometimes, accidentally, becomes a sounding board for all of the confusion and frustration I’m feeling toward or about disappointments in my life…and I don’t want to give those things an ounce of energy more than need be. Time to (make a valiant effort to) dwell even more on the positive. Time to refuse to engage with those and that which do not in the least serve me well. We shall see how the journey unfolds in the future.

Let this also serve as a reminder for myself that, as of recent,  I have not been donating to charity the way I should. Consider it officially marked on my to-do list in a web-loggy sort of fashion. I do feel that when we are blessed with a little bit of financial wiggle room, from time to time, we should make sure to stop and use our blessing to bless others.

Until Next Time.

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4 thoughts on “the reason for the season

  1. Yay! This is such an inspiring post!

    I agree , going right now to see if I have more wiggle room!!!

    Ty Elizabeth, for being who you are 🙂

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