the present

late November in Pigeon Forge, 2015?

Morning greeted me, a dark and rainy Tuesday, so I pushed open all the drapes and plugged in the Christmas tree. I haven’t been writing much lately, but since the Good Lord blessed us with such a perfect day for writing, I feel like I’ve been forced to break down and daydream, which isn’t such a bad idea anyway, is it? Imagination to pen to paper, here we go! But first,

Last night, I was thinking about something I heard Joel Osteen speaking about on the radio a couple of years ago. I believe it was Joseph and his dream, how he told his dream to his brothers and they hated him for it? At any rate, at some point, Joel was talking about how you don’t have to share your dreams with everyone, and not everyone can handle them. He was talking about how sometimes you just work hard and keep your goal in mind, even if you don’t have the support of others, of course, I am paraphrasing and I don’t exactly remember word for word, but…

This makes sense to me. I feel like in a perfect world, your family or friends, the people you care about, would be all about building you up and jumping onboard with whatever it is you’re working toward, but sadly, that’s just not the way it works. We just don’t always get the support we want or think we need from the humans we wish would provide us with it (think I said that wrong but you get me, I hope).  That’s okay, though, because sometimes, God (or whoever you’d like to refer to as The Powers That Be) puts other people and things in place for us to make up for what we’re missing out on in other areas. Still, I think I said that wrong. So maybe if we could somehow better just accept that we don’t always get a support system and family in the same package, maybe it would be easier to live and grow with our families (or without) because we’ve better dealt with the disappointing reality?

For the record, I believe this is true in my own life. I feel like, for every dysfunctional, dead-end relationship I was born into, God has blessed me with at least one friendship which turned out to be exactly what I needed exactly when I needed it (and I hope the same goes in reverse, for them).

Just thinking out loud. 😉

Until Next Time.

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