four o’clock and eveyrthing (draft excerpt)

“Hanging In & Out” FOUR O’CLOCK AND EVERYTHING (draft excerpt 3) Thudding, thumping, tap-tap-tap on the roof prompted me to sit up in bed and rub my achy eyes. I pushed the quilt off, padded over to the window of the drafty bedroom, and looked out the frosty glass. There was a giant plastic Santa,Read more


A Month of Sundays (ch.5?) First Sunday. Rope’s End Congregational Holiness Church was a little white chapel-like structure at the right angled meeting of Four O’Clock and Rope’s End. Four O’Clock was the street I’d grown up on, just about everyone we knew lived on it. Rope’s End? Well, that was the joke, wasn’t it?Read more

FOUR O’CLOCK AND EVERYTHING (draft excerpt) ch.1

The kitchen air was wet and hot. Boiled tomatoes in scorching water to ripe perfection, bobbing around in an old, dented, five-gallon boiler pot, peeling paint on the all-but obsolete electric stove circa 1950’s littered with spots and spatters. Chicken, rooster, cow printed pot holders worn with tiny holes and faded designs hung from theRead more