the sandwich

Postcard from my Desperate Housewives retrospective.

Lynette Scavo is one of my all-time favorite fictitious characters. She was the resident on Wisteria Lane with a mess of wild little boys who at any given point would have rather had been at work doing what she was very successful at than at home doing dishes and folding laundry. She was tough, passionate and compassionate, hilarious, and at times, insane. Felicity Huffman was so convincing in her role, whenever I see her, I don’t think of her as Felicity Huffman, I think of her as Lynette, always.

The scene above is from season 6, episode 11 called “if”. Lynette and Tom were preggers with their second set of twins. A big dramatic (as usual) event lead to Lynette being hospitalized and the doctor telling her that there was a strong chance that one of her babies would end up with some sort of disability. On the way to the operating room, she had a dream about how tough it might be raising a ‘disabled’ child.

This is one of my favorite scenes from the show, and I was a big fan. I think most people who have heard of the show but never watched it, got the impression it was just a trashy nighttime soap opera. Sure, there was a lot of drama and silliness, but there’s plenty of real moments like the one above, and that’s what I love about the show.