meeting the kelpie

“Meeting the Kelpie” by Jaimie Witbread

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Love Jaimie’s illustrations.

This one reminds me a bit of a scene in one of my chapters from long ago.

For all of the reading I’ve done on kelpies, I hadn’t ever imagined them to be scary creatures. Then, I started looking up illustrations online. Holy cow, are some of them creepy?! I dig it, though. 😉

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pastels and sketches

“I’ll take care of you” by Kate Louise Powell
Kei Meguro, “Christmas in July”
“Luella”, Sofia Bonati

These are all on my wall in my mer cave (writing room) from a few years back. I thought I would share since I’m starting to collect new prints, lately. Sometimes, I wish I had more walls. 🙂

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Heliotropic Girl

Another Agnes-Cecile I love. I’ve had an 8×10 of this one on the wall in my mer carve for a few years. It’s called ‘Heliotropic Girl’.

Also, I came across this picture of her actually painting what looks to be the ‘Dreamy Insomnia’ I posted about yesterday! 🙂 How cool!

And I found a post another fan of hers shared in November of 2015. I’ll leave that here just in case. (There’s actual video!)

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While I’m sharing, I got this (my favorite loish) with a 10% off coupon I got with my print. This one is on a tote bag I keep my little baby laptop in. I know it’s a little dark, but coming from a girl who (for some sick and unknown reason) has a load of nightmares, this one speaks volumes. Not sure what the creator’s description of it is, but I would like to find out. (Oneirology is the scientific study of dreams, or so I’m told.)

Oneirology by loish

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