runnin’ just in case

I hate when I go to get into the shower in the morning and find yesterday’s cornbread crumbs in my bra. If you’re a female, you know what I mean. Boobs are more than a little bit annoying if you think about it. I heard Rose (on Golden Girls) say that she didn’t like chips just because they always ended up in her bra. I couldn’t eat a cup of clear Jello without staining my shirt, personally. Forget what happens when it falls down the neck hole. Perhaps when you spend a lot of time alone, you get stuck on these things, trivial things that in the grander scheme of things mean mostly nothing.

Someone once told me to get over myself. I was so shocked, I couldn’t even be upset. “You think I’m so into myself I need to get over it? How did someone so insecure and full of self-loathing manage to pull THAT one off?!” I scratched my chin and did some thinking when I was finished laughing and struggling to spit out a half-decent comeback. Sidebar, it’s hard to find something angry to say when you’re laughing at your own awkwardness. Thinking back now, I don’t know if he knew something I didn’t know  OR if maybe he should have used better wording.

Get around yourself. You’re in your own way. <—–I wish he’d said THAT to me. THAT would have been useful. OR…—–> Get out of your own head. You’re trapped in there and it’s no good place to vacation, let alone set up shop and do your general dwelling.

Writing is fun. Why? Because in the middle of a perfectly ordinary day, you get to steal a beat to sit down and study on these things, I think. All of the oopsies and WTF’s you’ve experienced in life, you didn’t have time at the time to waste time on fiddling with or trying to make sense of.

Presently, I’m sick, in body. Icky. Achy. Yucky. Waaaah. I’m taking some extra sitting around and pondering time. This is time I would normally feel guilty about ‘wasting’ not better spending on housework and renovations or cleaning up my personal messes, but now, suddenly (and what a gift it is) I’m forced to slow down and take it easy because I don’t have the energy to do much else…

Another sidebar, sometimes when I write a paragraph-long run-on sentence just adding commas and conjunctions all willy-nilly, over hyphenating and making up words, I wonder if some high school English teacher is sitting at her desk, squinting at her screen, somehow sent here by a stray drive-by Tweet or the like, clawing at her scalp and whimpering in agony at the mess I’ve made of his or her precious language, slowly but surely turning loose of his or her will to live. Is that a normal thing?  Another ‘get around yourself’ perhaps.

I was thinking about how blogging is practice for me and how I called my readers guinea pigs and perhaps I should start every post with Dearest Guinea Pigs! Sounds like more of an insult than a term of endearment, though, doesn’t it?!

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