like the way you talk


I feel like everywhere I look there’s loads of people who know everything about everything. That doesn’t bother me. Two reasons: 1) I do actually understand it is pretty much impossible for anyone to know everything about anything. 2) I like listening to people talk about what they know–or at least what they think they know. Also, I’ll add a third reason, for the sake of just being honest. 3) Why do I care if everyone seems to know everything about everything? Good for them. More power to them. Doesn’t damage me in the slightest. So there’s that.

Seriously. Maybe it’s the writer in me, but my thirst for certain types of knowledge is darn-near unquenchable. I tune in to chat rooms at least once a day and listen to people from all over the world prattle on and on about different things. At flea markets or even just the grocery store, I prefer to go alone because that’s the best way to flatten myself out and not be noticed, which makes it easier to blend in and watch what’s going on around me. Busy sidewalks on vacation? Score. Doctor’s office lobby during cold and flu season? There’s an upside. State fair restroom line wrapped around the back of the building twice? Okay, maybe I’m reaching. Point is,  I enjoy studying other humans in their splendidly social habitats, maybe too much. I like listening, soaking it up, whatever it is I’m exposed to, which can be kind of risky because let’s face it, even an open mind does need a filter  or else Lord only knows what kind of questionable debris can move in and set up shop on you?!

I’m at last able to watch season two of Underground. Gonna see if Rosalee and Jonah finally get their family back together. This is the best series! Then it’s off to bed.

Night for now.

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