if I had a superpower

When I was little, I thought that when you hugged someone and your arms got all tingly, it was because all the love you felt for them was leaving your body and going into theirs. I swear it. Maybe I watched too much Care Bears.

Whenever the ‘bad’ guy posed a real threat to the ‘good’ guys, all the Care Bears lined up and did the Care Bear stare. They held hands or concentrated really hard and rainbow-like beams off goodness and happiness shot out of their stomachs and into the ‘black hat’, rendering him or her thereby no longer ‘bad’. Meanies turned to kindred spirts, just like that. Pretty ah-mazing huh?!

As it turns out, according to reference.com, Stretching feels good for two reasons-it begins fresh blood circulation and breaks tension crossbridges in the muscles, reports the Sun Sentinel newspaper (source post here).

So reality, could be, a little more science, a little less cartoony magic. Oh well. I still fancy the idea of microscopic hearts and stars raining from my limbs like tiny invisible bullets of awesomeness.

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