I fought with a screw for ten minutes before I realized the drill wasn’t in reverse.Not the first time. Won’t be the last. 😉

My pawpaw used to let me help him take old junk apart for scrap. One afternoon, in particular, I remember like a picture-perfect postcard.

I squinted down with wobbly noodle arms, parked the bit just about in place and squeezed the trigger for dear life. He had the mild heartburn expression thing going on.  “Don’t strip the–” Too late.

Hey, in my defense, if you know I can’t handle and harness all the power of the power tool, why pass it to me in the first place? Huh? 😉

Sidebar, if you’ve never been a homeowner and you’re thinking about making your first home out of a foreclosure that’s been sitting empty for quite a few years and ‘oh how fun, we’ll make it pretty’, just settle in for a rest-of-your-life kinda project. It ain’t pretty and it keeps you busy…and sometimes it seems like there’s never any real progress. But back to the ‘it keeps you busy’ part.

I was working on my painting this afternoon, thinking about just how much I hate painting walls and just how much of my adult life I’ve spent doing just that sort of thing. I like doing around the house things, really. Cleaning. Patching up. I even got my own little tool bag so I don’t have to use my husband’s.

As corny as it sounds, for all of the complaining I’ve done over the years, about this dumpy place and trashy neighborhood, I’m grateful to my core for it. Besides all that roof over my head, keeps me warm, a place of my own stuff, taking care of this place has kept me busy and focused when otherwise, I might have had enough free time to become bored. I am of the understanding that bored people sometimes do destructive things. Who am I kidding? Bored people exasperate me–but that’s a whole other post.

My point? I don’t have one.

For the record, though, I would like to say (I have found)  sometimes the best medicine for what ails (depending of course on the affliction)  a person is to just find something helpful and useful to do and simply do it, as best you can. Work your way out of a funk. Work your way out of your head. Work your way out of your own way. Work your way out of the past and into the future. Just work…toward something better and nicer and…something.

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