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A few years back, I was browsing the Singer/Songwriter section of iTunes and ended up selecting a song by a girl who recorded under the name Charlotte Sometimes. I liked the song and ended up getting a couple of her albums. Later on, I was looking Charlotte Sometimes, the singer, up and discovered she was an American woman in her 20’s named Jessica Charlotte Poland. Jessica chose her stage name from a book called Charlotte Sometimes written in 1969 by Penelope Farmer. When I read this, now several years ago, I ordered an old library copy from online for a couple of bucks and added it to my collection.

apparently, there’s a Kitsap Regional Library outside Seattle, Washington

But wait. There’s more.

This morning, I woke up in the mood to read some of Baxter Black’s cowboy poetry. Because I am lazy, unorganized, and own too many books, I gave up looking for the Baxter Black book before my search was over. Instead, I grabbed my copy of Penelope Farmer’s book and took it back to the couch with me. This is when I decided to re-read the book about the time traveling little girl name Charlotte. So I did. Then, as always, I went online to try and see what I could find on the book, you know, author details and fan pages and such.

So about the search.

I found out that in 1981 the English band the Cure released a single called Charlotte Sometimes, about the little girl in the novel.


In 2002, a movie called Charlotte Sometimes was released, written, directed, and produced by a feller named Eric Byler, the name of the film taken from the song Charlotte Sometimes, by (you guessed it) the Cure.

P.S. The movie is (from what I can tell) absolutely nothing like the book. Adult movie. I repeat, adult movie. Children’s book.

Phew. What a trip. Almost completely full circle.

hardback Charlotte

The funniest part of all, for me, is that (again, years ago) I named one of my main character’s daughters after Charlotte (the singer) aaaaand my character named her little girl after the Charlotte in the book.

So, I vote all the Charlotte Sometimes identify-withers (hehe) adopt the alias Charlotte with the Gloriously Recycled Name. What do you think? Maybe?.

Sidebar time.

Okay, so Charlotte is a really common sort of name. It’s not like if all the Charlottes in the world joined a club, it would be some super exclusive rare invitation only a select few got  postcards soliciting membership to, but I don’t think that’s the point. It’s not like I used the name because it was the first time I had ever heard it or because I thought it was exotic or unique–I was simply naming a baby and when I said the name out loud, it sounded soft and cuddly, so I went with it. Plus, I kind of feel like if your character (for whatever reason) doesn’t call for a drastically original name, maybe the next best thing to do is give him or her a very common, classic-sounding name and then instead of the name lending to the character, the character lends to the name, a little. Or maybe the common name just sort of neutrals out and gives the character more of a basic black sort of vibe,  you know? Like how really pretty models wear slicked back ponytails and clean makeup with white tank tops to their go-see meetings (yes I watch America’s Next Top Model, don’t judge me :)) in order pull the focus and show off their blank canvas. “Here’s what I have to work with. Pick me!!” <—the model. So the character with the John Smith kind of name is like —> “Ignore my name. It’s unimportant. Instead, check out these bodacious triceps and how cool and mysterious I am.”

Something to think about. So, I’m thinking this post took an unexpected turn somewhere around the second snapshot. Sorry about that. Next post, I’ll try and write about the actual story between the covers.

Happy Columbus Day, and if that offends you, it wasn’t meant for you and I’m sorry. I would never wish unwanted celebratory happiness on anyone, ever. Just pretend you didn’t read it? 😉

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