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she talks a lot of mess about people people she doesn’t like people she doesn’t understand people she didn’t get away with shoving around people who confide in her because she likes to collect them–people   her timing is quite calculating she doesn’t just jump she plants little seeds pointed questions remarks quiet moments corneredRead more

postcard from Hell (on Wheels), a retrospective

***Warning, this is a very long post on a very specific topic.**** When I think about platonic love (and that’s my favorite sort), I think about Cullen and Ruth. Hell on Wheels (AMC series that ended about a year ago) started with Cullen Bohannon, a Confederate soldier coming home from a war to find UnionRead more

Anne Alert from Elizabeth with an ‘E’

  *If you’re not an L.M. Montgomery fan, you might want to skip this post. It might be considered a rant, but I’m certainly not ranting. These are just my thoughts on something I stumbled over (over Thanksgiving).*   This new ‘dark’ adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, conjured up by the people at Netflix¬†Read more