curses and words

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Sirena of Guam, is a legend (likely from the 1700’s) about a young girl from the city of Agana, who liked to swim in the river so much that one day she became part fish. Well, that’s sort of how it goes. Mostly, how it goes is, Sirena was swimming one day, instead of helping with the chores. So her Mom walks up and sees her doing canon balls and chillin’ on her ducky float, or whatever, and her mom has a cow. “You like swimming so much, why don’t you just become a fish?” Sirena’s grandmother overheard and got all gaspy, but it was too late for her to stop the curse from taking its toll, but she did manage to soften it. She asked that part of the girl remain human. In the mean time, our girl with the fish fetish is bobbing around in the water thinking, “Somethin’ feels weird right now.” and 3.2.1…the lower half of her bod morphs into a fishy tail. “Swim all you want, now, lazybones!” her mother spitefully sassed.

Okay, so I made up the dialogue and the bit about the ducky float, but you get the main idea.

So the whole thing about Sirena’s mom saying it and then making it happen, reminded me of an episode of Buffy. Willow had been dabbling in magic and she was feeling all emo because her boyfriend, Oz the werewolf cheated and then vamoosed. So she says to Giles, “You’re blinded by your whatever-whatever-whatever, so you just can’t see.” And Giles went blind. Then Willow hoofs it over to Xander’s and he tries to cheer her up. To him, she says, “You’re a monster magnet!” And then, just like that, monsters from all over stampeded Xander’s parents’ basement in attempt to try and get to him. All the while, Willow has no idea that her careless words are having this horrific impact on her friends.  I think you see where this is going.

Talk about the power of suggestion, eh?

So I tried to think of what would happen if what happened to Sirena’s mom and Willow happened with me. If whatever I was most likely to (thoughtlessly) say figuratively, literally (or in a moment of dramatic exaggeration) came true, just how catastrophic or incredible could the results be?

Not sure. I think I trail off and fade out in the middle of thoughts and sentences far too often. Hmm. Perhaps that’s why I’m a lot less productive than I would prefer to be. So for Pete’s sake, girl, finish a sentence and be careful with how you do so.

Back to worky stuff, for now.