Belated but Happy-Happy

Last week, my partner in crime had a birthday! 🙂 I wasn’t blogging at the time, so I didn’t get to post anything about/for him on his special day, and I do believe your birthday is a day to celebrate you, so here’s a short but sweet photo parade of my favorite human ever. 😉

After all this time, my first book dedication still applies 🙂


death metal

quiet and calm and safe

ogres and geek speak

eating directly from the skillet even though it makes me crazy

standing statue still and staring calmly while the volcano erupts in front of you

shaking my head side to side and talking to myself at 2 in the morning

peanut butter jar and spoon in your truck cup holder

little piles of screws all over the house

pulling my own hair out

apologizing again

laughing until it hurts

hurting because you hurt

“Guess what I put in the chicken, this time!”

driving 45 minutes out of the way and *still* refusing to ask directions

sitting on the floor, rando mismatched computer parts scattered all over the place, scratching your head and then getting up to get a drink

“Are you on drugs??”

Laughing when you’re ticked off

you don’t get it, but you’re trying…

peace of mind

a piece of cake

birthday cake at 2AM in June…and it’s no one’s birthday

well, it’s *someone’s* birthday

the very best birthdays

Thank you for making the previous decade of my life the best decade of my life.

Happy (late) 32nd! 🙂

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