breathing room

i put a rug over the tape over the hole in the floor carefully positioned an end table at an angle a couple of pillows, stained sides face to face, against the wall this shadowbox is the not-chic kind of shabby but on a good day if you tilt your head just right and crossRead more


Several standard definition episodes into my Dawson’s Creek retrospective, I got a little gaspy. Poor, distraught, Spielberg-obsessed Dawson Leery rushes over to his very best friend (since early childhood) Joey’s house to tell her about his alarming discovery–his mother is having an affair with her co-anchor. They sit outside by the creek. He pours hisRead more

i woke up like this

I have the wrong accent to be smart to be wise to be worldly to be interesting enough to be enough enough   as much or as many as required–determiner to the required degree or extent–adverb to a moderate degree, fairly use for emphasis used to express an impatient desire for the cessation or undesirableRead more

four o’clock and eveyrthing (draft excerpt)

“Hanging In & Out” FOUR O’CLOCK AND EVERYTHING (draft excerpt 3) Thudding, thumping, tap-tap-tap on the roof prompted me to sit up in bed and rub my achy eyes. I pushed the quilt off, padded over to the window of the drafty bedroom, and looked out the frosty glass. There was a giant plastic Santa,Read more