Anne Alert from Elizabeth with an ‘E’


*If you’re not an L.M. Montgomery fan, you might want to skip this post. It might be considered a rant, but I’m certainly not ranting. These are just my thoughts on something I stumbled over (over Thanksgiving).*


This new ‘dark’ adaptation of Anne of Green Gables, conjured up by the people at Netflix  Anne with an ‘E’ is so far from anything Lucy Montgomery would have EVER written, I can’t consciously even FATHOM a  link between the Netflix show and the books. There’s creepy predator-like men, totally out of character behaviors on the parts of all my favorite characters, and a whole lot of gossipy, hipster speech about feminism…then, let’s not even DISCUSS how Anne is portrayed as this psychologically tortured child with PTSD flashbacks….They changed the details and outcomes of the old tales as well as the true nature of the characters. They changed the very fabric of the story.

I watched a few episodes, to make sure I wasn’t judging too quickly. Four in, I am beside myself. This is not my Anne. This is not my Green Gables or Avonlea. I feel as though a huge chunk of my positive childhood memories have been hijacked, distorted and skewed to make them twisted, mellow-dramatic, and negative.

“You’re lying!” I say to the television. “This is a lie!”

*bursts into tears and falls over dead*

After pulling myself together a bit, I’ve got to ask the question…

If they wanted to write this new story, basically trendy-modern creatures(liberated women and vilified men, kids with stank attitudes)  planted in Victorian-era settings, why not just write a whole new story? Why defile Green Gables in this manner? Why? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

*falls off the couch and lands in a perfect X shape on the rug*

I do not understand this obsession with rewriting history. It happened. It’s done. There was good. There was bad. There was in between. Live it. Take it for what it was. Move forward and take with you whatever it is you want to. Enjoy, destroy, whatever. Right? At the end of the day, it’s done. You can’t go back in time and undo what’s already done. All we can do is learn from it and grow…or chose to not grow. Either way, going back in time and rearranging things to suit the current trend is so backwards, to me.

Fan Fiction. That’s what Netflix did. They took a perfectly wonderful creation, borrowed some of the traits of some of the characters, plots, and settings, and went traipsing off with them to do their own thing. That’s what. I just wish they were upfront with *that* little nugget of information. That’s all.

I feel like a true Lucy Maud Montgomery fan would have opened the whole thing with a disclaimer–This is a work of Fan Fiction. This is not a true or even truly partial representation of L.M. Montgomery’s work. Please pick up one of her many, many books for the REAL deal...or something.

That’s all.  I wouldn’t be a legit fan if I didn’t say so. So there’s that.

In better news!! PBS has just put out movie number two in a really nice remake of Anne’s stories. If you’re a fan, and you’re looking for a second look at the series in movie form, there’s two so far. You can watch them for free with the PBS app or buy them on DVD or rent through Amazon.Though I must say, even the PBS versions weren’t exactly in line with the books.It was a lot better than the Netflix show, for sure.

Happy Tuesday. 🙂

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